Chalk Dart Scoreboards

ScoreMaster™ Chalk Cricket Scoreboards

Standard Cricket Boards for scoring for Cricket , 301, 501 etc.

  • Scoremaster Chalk Scoreboards come in two sizes and two scoring options. Large boards come with wood chalk tray.
  • Chalk Scoreboards are screened white on 1/4′ hardboard with green chalkboard surface
  • Mounting holes are drilled in all four corners.

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Small Standard

  • Perfect Game Room size - 15.5” high X 11.5” wide

  • Chalk included and comes with a wood chalk tray that can be mounted to the scoreboard.

  • Scores all 01 games and cricket.

  • Made of ridged plastic .100" thick (just under 1/8") . Mounting holes in all four corners.

  • Quality product Made in the USA
  • 8111

    Green Outchart

  • Dart Outchart for 301 501 countdown game

  • 15.5” X 7.75” - Fits on the inside of most Dart Cabinet doors

  • Mounting holes in all four corners.

  • Made in America